TECHAiDE to strengthen ICT education in Ghana

The study of ICT has been a major boost for the country but the lack of resource is a huge problem for the Government.

Last year,a teacher was spotted drawing the interface of Microsoft word on the blackboard to teach his students. After it went viral,the teacher was gifted a laptop to enhance effective teaching.

TECHAiDE is a technological social enterprise, specialized in the design, development and deployment of rugged computing systems. At the 3rd Annual Impact Education eConference 2019 organised by TECHAide, in collaboration with Friends of Yamoransa Foundation (FYF), & Helping Africa Foundation (HAF) both United States based non-profit organizations, their Chief Operations Officer,FC Cava addressed the crowd.

With about 150 participants present, the conference’s objective was to bring together key stakeholders within Ghana’s Education sector to discuss, debate, share ideas and educate each other in achieving and learning in order to make ICT education in Ghana more responsive, and better equipped to handle the challenges of the 21st century.

TECHAiDE’s Chief Operations Officer said the current and upcoming generation of Ghanaians do not have a choice but to prepare to embrace ICT, adding, “that is where the world is heading and nobody must be left behind.”

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